winter-sparkle-original-madart-painting-madart-foto-wallpaper“Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up!” ~Pablo Picasso

*NEWSFLASH* Our January 2017 Calendar (一月课程表)is available for download!

IMG_7797Welcome to Sip ‘n Paint! We are Shanghai’s most relaxed oil painting class and wine social. Join us and let’s toast at the Painting Party!

欢迎来到酌酒绘花! 我们是沪上最轻松最惬意的油画沙龙. 快加入我们一起来油画派对吧!

Sip’n’Paint에 오신 것을 환영합니다! Sip’n’Paint는 상해의 소셜 와인 커뮤니티를 겸한 유화스튜디오입니다.


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Freestyle Painting Sessions


Everyday by appointment.  You  bring your own inspiration, or use one of our suggestions. An experienced instructor will be there to guide you to your masterpiece.  190rmb/person

Available time slots (Upon Availability, please call 13301724011 to check):

10am-1pm / 2-5pm/

6-9pm (Sat & Sun)/ 7-10pm (Mon-Fri)



早10点-下午1点/ 下午2-5点

晚6-9点(周六周日)/ 晚7-10点(周一至周五)

Step-by-Step Painting Sessions


Here are our special workshop to paint step by step with the teacher! You are guaranteed to paint a masterpiece of your own!





“Landscape” Step by Step Workshop 手把手油画课程,Wednesday, Jan 18th, 7-10pm

300rmb, 230 prepay



“Safari” Step by Step Workshop 手把手油画课程,Saturday, Jan 21st, 6-9pm

 300rmb, 230 prepay


“Pink Riverside” Workshop 手把手油画课程,Sunday, Jan 22nd, 2-5pm

300rmb, 230 prepay






 “Colours” Workshop 手把手油画课程,Wednesday, Jan 25th, 7- 10pm

300rmb, 230 prepay


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 “Sea Boat” Step by Step Workshop 手把手油画课程,Saturday, Jan 29th, 2-5pm

300rmb, 230 prepay




 “Sparkle Winter Night” Step by Step Workshop 手把手油画课程,Tuesday, Jan 31th, 2-5pm

300rmb, 230 prepay


Special Workshops  





Beginners Tai’Chi Training Workshop , Every Wednesday morning, 10-11:30am

280rmb, 220 prepay




watermark card






The Sip’n’Paint Paint Card is the perfect creative gift, which comes in a small metal box. The gift card is good for all classes with pre-pay value of 230RMB, if the class is a higher price, the difference shall be paid in the studio.  Purchase anytime at the studio, you may pay through alipay/wechat or cash.  Or if you want it mailed (+15rmb delivery fee), call us: 13301724011 or email info@sip-n-paint.com

酌酒绘花礼卡是节日最佳创意送礼的选择, 包括一个礼盒。礼卡可以抵230元的课程费用,如果上课最终费用超过230元,必须补差价。可以在画室购买,可以用微信/支付宝支付。如果要快递 (+15RMB)给收礼的人,请致电:13301724011 或 email: info@sip-n-paint.com

Whether you’ve never picked up a paint brush or are practically Picasso, Sip’n’Paint provides a relaxed and social atmosphere to explore and satisfy your creative yearnings through art and wine.

Fees cover art instruction and all necessary material including:  canvas, brushes, oil paints, easel. We do the setup and cleanup. Just bring yourself and maybe your friends, wear clothes you’re not afraid to get paint on, and have a good time! We have a wide selection of wine and beverages available for purchase. Birthday Parties, Corporate Team Buildings, Club Socials. We are available for Private Events! It’s more fun with friends, contact us for more information, or click here.

不论你从未拿起过画笔,还是你已经炉火纯青画技高超,酌酒绘花都为你提供一个非常放松的社交氛围,让你在艺术与美酒的陪伴下,尽情探索并开发自己独具创造性的一面。 费用包含了美术指导和所有必需的绘画材料,包括:画布),画笔,油画颜料,画架。我们负责所有的前期准备和后期清理工作,你只需到场即可开始品酒作画!当然,我们也非常欢迎你与朋友们一同参与,记得穿上你不怕弄上颜料的衣服,然后就开始尽情享受轻松的美好时光吧! 我们有各种国际酒和饮料! 生日派对,公司/团队内建,社交聚会⋯⋯我们承办各种个人活动!联系我们获取更多信息, 或点击这里



붓 한 번 잡아본 적없는 유화 초보분들도, 거의 피카소수준이신 고수분들도, Sip’n Paint가 제공하는 편안하고 소셜한 분위기 속에서 와인과 그림을 통해 여러분의 예술에 대한 갈망을 채워나가 봅시다! 떠오르는 자신만의 영감도 좋고, 스튜디오에 준비된 잡지나 사진을 보고 시작해도 좋습니다. 전문 강사님이 당신만의 걸작을 탄생시키기 위해 가이드가 되어드릴 거에요. 스튜디오 이용료에는 그림 교습비 및50*60 캔버스(더 작은 크기도 가능합니다), 붓, 유화 물감, 이젤 등 필요한 재료가 모두 포함되어 있습니다. 세팅 및 마무리는 저희쪽에서 준비할께요. 그냥 와인과 그림을 사랑하는 마음만 준비하시면 됩니다. 무료 스낵과 함께, 다양한 종류의 와인과 음료를 구비하고 있습니다. 카페에 오신것처럼 좋아하는 음료도 즐기면서 그림도 그리시면 됩니다. 혹시 모르니 물감이 묻어도 신경안쓰이는 복장으로 오세요! 생일 파티, 회사 팀빌딩, 각종 모임 등 개인적인 이벤트도 가능합니다. 자세한 사항은 문의 바랍니다.

誕生日パーティーや会社のチームビルディング、ソーシャルイベントなどの個人的なイベントも承ります。詳しい情報はお問い合わせください。 最後に絵を描いたのがいつだったのか記憶にないという方も、すでにピカソぐらいの実力の方も、ワイン、アート、そして社交的な雰囲気のなかでアートへのインスピレーションを満たしていきましょう!自分だけのアイデアを持ってきてもいいし、その場でスタジオに用意されている雑誌や写真から決めていてもいいです。経験豊なインストラクターが皆さんだけのマスターピースの誕生をガイドします アトリエ利用料には、インストラクションと50*60キャンバス(もっと小さなサイズもできます)、ブラシ、オイルペイント、イーゼルの使用料が含まれています。セッティングから片付けはアトリエのスタッフが担当します。皆さんは楽しい気持ちだけ用意して気軽に遊びにきてください。 フリースナックや各種のワイン、飲み物を用意していますので、カフェ感で楽しんでください。念のため、オイルペイントが付いても悲しくないお洋服できてくださいね!

Email: info@sip-n-paint.com


368 South Shaanxi Rd, 3fl, near Middle Fuxing Rd


Studio Hours 10:00-22:00 Everyday by appointment

每天10:00-22:00开门 必须预约

Phone 电话: 13301724011

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