Team Building/ Party


Whether it is a birthday party, hen’s party, company team building, Sip’n’Paint is the perfect venue for a fun way to celebrate your occasion!

To Plan your party at Sip’n’Paint:

Step 1 – Check how many people you will have. 

For private parties, minimum is 15 people for weekend (Saturday and Sunday), 8 people minimum for other days. We can accommodate a maximum of 25 painters, 20 painters would be more comfortable.  If you do not meet the minimum for a private event, the session you pick will also be open to public booking.

Step 2 – Set Date/ Time.

Check with us on your desired date and time for your party, confirm with Sip’n’Paint.  Please email us at:  or call us at 13301724011   You can find our current month’s class schedule here.

Step 3 – Pay your deposit.

To secure a date and time for your private event, we require a deposit of 10% of the total amount, or minimum of 300rmb. You could either pay through Alipay/ WeChat/ bank transfer or come by the studio to pay in cash.   The remaining balance for the party is in the studio, at the end of event.

Step 4 – Decide on the type of session you want.

The two types of painting sessions we offer:
1. Free-style: everyone picks their own subject to paint, and the instructor would go around helping everyone.  It’s best if everyone brings in their own picture, but we also have some postcards, books, and magazines.
2. Step-by-Step: You can pick any specific painting, the instructor will teach the painting step-by-step, it’s easier for beginners.   You need to decide on the painting to be taught at least a day prior to the class for our teacher to prepare.

Private painting sessions are 220rmb/ person (Sorry, no discount for big groups, more teachers are hired for big groups).    Each class is 3 hours, you may pick the time slots: 10am-1pm/ 2-5pm/ 6-9pm/ 7-10pm. We provide all materials (including an apron),  instructions, and a painting box that allows everyone to carry away their painting easily.  All paintings must be taken away at the end of the event, we simply do not have space to store leftover paintings.  Drinks are sold separately at our bar, no outside drinks are allowed.

You may also pick a special workshop that you see on our calendar for a private event, please call or email us to inquiry for those.

Looking forward to hear from you, we are confident that Sip’n’Paint can host a fabulously fun party for you!  or call us at 13301724011


Team Building F lyer-Chinese


第一步 – 确定您的人数



请打电话:13301724011 或 email: 和画室确认您要的日期和时间。也可以在此查看最新当月课程表。


麻烦和我们画室确定好了日期时间,请尽快付押金(全费用的10%或最低300元)以保留日期时间。我们接受支付宝/微信/到画室付现金/银行转账. 余款在活动结束,请在画室付清。


1. 自由主题:大家选择自己的题材。大家可以自带图片或到画室选择。老师会根据大家需要循环指导。
2. Step-by-Step(一步一步教) 可以决定一副画,老师将一步一步教,大家只要跟着老师画,每个人都会完成自己的版本。从怎么用铅笔构图,到调色,上色,到完成细节。必须最迟在活动前一天决定题材画。





电话:13301724011 或 email: