I’ve never done oil painting and I’m not especially artsy. Is this for me?

Yes! Most of our painters have never done oil painting. Our instructor will guide you through paint mixing and brush techniques, while our bar is stocked with liquid courage. You’ll be amazed at how much creative talent  you can release at Sip’n’Paint. Our Step by step sessions makes a master artist of everyone. Pick your favorite painting and the teacher will guide everyone through the painting from beginning to finish in 3 hours!

Still not sure and more of a sipper than a painter? No worries, stop by for a drink and do some complimentary doodles and check out artists at work and see if you want to give it a try next time. There are also step by step workshops from our exclusive works for guaranteed masterpieces!


非常适合!我们大多数的参与者们都从来没有画过油画。我们的老师会全程指导你,颜料的配色,画笔的技巧等等,同时我们的吧台也库存充足!来到Sip ‘n Paint,你会惊讶于你自己的创造天赋喔!我们还有手把手教大家一副独家的画。

What do we offer?

We bring to you the fine balance between chinese culture, art and tradition while keeping the painting requirements and workshops easy and doable. Since the joining of our fine arts major teacher Jasmine, we are trying to add more chinese elements to what we offer while still keeping it simple, diversified and inclusive. The idea behind the concept of combining traditional chinese methods in easy ways is to bring to you experiences of local culture. We meet people from all over the world and we take bits and pieces of their culture in what we offer to make it a global experience.

Apart from our art studio where people from different countries come paint and share their experiences, we also participate in art related events like mural painting, activities like art battles or jamming in events, providing space for workshops, linking chinese artists with expats. We know chinese culture and we know how to cater it to foreigners as well as locals in a well-designed and well-equipped way.  

How much does each class cost?

Each 3 hour freestyle art salon costs 260RMB(pre-pay 230). Step by Step Workshops cost 300RMB (pre-pay 260)

Membership is available at 1900RMB for 10 classes, valid for 1 year. Or 600RMB for 12 hours , valid for 1 year. Membership price applies to freestyle sessions.

Members are entitled to free storage of 1 painting.



会员享受10节课1900元,有效期一年;或者600元12小时,有效期一年。会员还能够免费库存画, 等等⋯⋯

What is the difference between freestyle with instructor and step by step class?

In the step by step painting, the teacher leads the student and shows the students each step of how to paint from start to finish. Teacher shows you how to paint on canvas and makes the process easier for students to paint. While in freestyle with instructor, instructions are given by the teacher and little bit of help in painting while guidance is given all along the way. The instructor gives advice on how to paint and answer students’ questions.

What should I bring/How should I prepare? 

Just be ready to paint! Dress in clothes you’re willing to get a bit dirty. (Oil paints can be difficult to get out of clothes.) Still dress cute though, it’s a social! We also have aprons you can rent if you need it

If you have any pictures you’d like to paint, definitely bring it with you. It’s much more personal if you bring your own picture in. However, if nothing catches your eye, don’t worry–we’ll have plenty of  sample images available on the day of the class.



What kind of beverages and snacks will be available? 

We put the Sip in Sip’n’Paint! A world class selection of Wine, Beer, Tea, Coffee and soft drinks will be available for purchase.


既然我们叫Sip & Paint就当然有得Sip咯!我们提供酒,茶,咖啡和各种软饮。

Can I just show up on the day of without an RSVP?

Yes, if you are looking to Sip only.

If you are painting, because space is limited, we prefer that you rsvp to sipnpaintsh@gmail.com or call +86 13301724011 before the class.



如果你想要画画,由于座位有限,我们希望您能够在课前通过sipnpaintsh@gmail.com或者致电 +86 13301724011进行预约。

How many people can participate in a class?

Each art class accommodates up to 20 people.


每节课能够容纳最多20 个人。

Can I book a private session for my corporate teambuilding/club/party? 

Please send any inquiries to sipnpaintsh@gmail.com or call +86 13301724011. We can accommodate groups either on site or deliver and set up supplies at a private site and clean up afterwards.

Here is also more information.


有任何需求都请发送至info@sip-n-paint.com, 或打电话给 +86 13301724011。我们能够为团队提供场地,或者将设备外送至私人场所,并负责前期准备和后期清理工作。


Where are you located?

Xuhui District, 368 Shanxi Rd 3F, near Fuxing Rd.  You may take the metro line 1 or 10 or 12 to South Shaanxi Rd Station.  The closest exit to studio is exit 6/8, about a 3 minute walk  We are in an alley, across the street from a gas station.


上海市徐汇区陕西南路368号3楼, 近复兴中路。 搭地铁1/10/12号线到陕西南路站,6/8号出口离画室走路3分钟。我们在加油站对面的弄堂里。

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