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Date(s) - 13/06/2019 - 11/07/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

圆体,翻译自英文Roundhand, 即用书写出来的字体转角圆润。这种字体出现在十八世纪的欧洲,当时英国商人们需要用手写稿记录商业活动信息, 为此,涌现出专门教授写作的学校和大批书法家。 如今圆体演变成了一种泛称,泛指一切具有书法意义的Copperplate, Gothic, Italic, Cursive等字体。过去人们用羽毛书写这种字体,如今则采用笔触相近的蘸水笔替代复古羽毛。


Roundhand Script Course


This course contains everything you need to know about flexible pointed nib calligraphy. By studying the simplest lines, shades and spaces etc. we uncover the secrets of the flowing letter-forms. Its values and perspectives will be shared during the introduction of highly concentrated theories. 

By the end of the course, every participant will be able to execute pen-work on a piece of blank paper as the final record of their achievement.



●   Duration of each lesson 

●   每节课时长

      ○   2 hours

      ○   2小时

●   Tools requirements 

●   工具要求

      ○   An adjustable oblique nib-holder一支斜头笔杆

      ○   Flexible point nibs一些弹性点尖

      ○   Fine paper on which ink does not blot and spread不洇墨的纸

      ○   Fine ink that does not sink in paper easily不洇纸的墨

      ○   A fine pencil一支铅笔

      ○   A ruler一把尺子

      ○   An eraser橡皮擦

Reference of tools as the picture below

●   Teacher:Domestic English calligraphy master OPP

●   授课教师:英文书法大师欧朋朋

●   OPP’s Background:

      ○   2012 Started the journey of penmanship

      ○   2014 Experience of exchange in Taiwan

      ○   2015 Published a professional penmanship instruction, the first within China

      ○   2015 Lecturer of the first offline penmanship workshop in China

      ○   2016 Joined IAMPETH (the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting)

      ○   2017 Attained the degree of Master of Arts in Hong Kong

      ○   Curriculum development director of OR-studio

      ○   Specialized in pointed pen penmanship and flourishing

      ○   Contributing Artist of luxury brands

      ○   Collector of dip pens and out of prints.

      ○   2012 年由汉字书法转入英文书法领域

      ○   2014 年往台湾交流

      ○   2015 年推出国内首部专业英文书法教材《简明ES教程》

      ○   2015 国内首个线下英文书法课主讲

      ○   2016 加入国际英文书法大师协会

      ○   2017 年于香港取得硕士学位

      ○   OR-studio课程研发负责人

      ○   专攻弹性点尖书法,精通多种字体装饰

      ○   多个奢侈品牌活动现场特邀艺术家

      ○   古典蘸水笔尖、英文书法古籍收藏者

Time: 7-9pm, Every Thursday, June 13th, 20th, July 4, July 11, 2019

          (no class on June 27th)

时间:6月13日, 6月20日,7月4日,7月11日, 每周四,晚7点到9点


Price: 960RMB/person(Including first drink, excluted tools, tools could be purchased onsite)

880RMB/person if 2+ come together

价格:960元/人 (含所第一杯饮料,不含工具费, 工具可现场购买)


If come to a single lesson, 260/person


Prepay via one of the following method:

1. Wechat (add our phone number 13301724011or ID: sipnpaintsh)

2. Alipay (

3. By cash in our studio at least 24hours prior to class, please call us before you come over, 13301724011


1.  微信支付 (加我们的电话 13301724011 或者微信号 sipnpaintsh)

2.  支付宝

3. 现金支付:至少提前24小时来画室预约支付 (请先致电13301724011)

Address: Room 101, No. 1274, Middle Huaihai Road, Xu Hui District, Shanghai